Level 2 Activitiy Series Book

Level 2 Activitiy Series Book

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Level 2 Series Collection includes:  

Over 130 Academic Activities that teach math, science, literacy, math and motor skills through a variety of 15 minute activities. Topics Include:
  • My Community
  • Roadways and Signs
  • Advanced Opposites
  • Investigating My Home
  • Space Exploration
  • Advanced Numbers, Letters and Shapes

    Over 130 Alphabet Activities that introduce letter recognition and phonological awareness (letter sounds). The alphabet is taught through a combination of movement activities, sensory activities, art and literacy exploration. Activities Include:

    • 5 Activities for each letter (A through Z)
    • Alphabet Review Games

    Your Child Will Learn:


    • Identify objects by classification.
    • Sort objects into categories by at least one attribute.
    • Show understanding of measurement and begin to associate measurement descriptions (big, small, long, short).
    • Recite numbers 1 through 10 in order.
    • Count objects with one to one correspondence.
    • Describe the similarities and differences of several shapes that include circle, triangle, square and rectangle.
    • Create and finish simple patterns that include two elements.

    Science/ Problem Solving Skills

    • Develops solutions to a problem.
    • Asks questions and performs simple investigations.
    • Works through tasks that are difficult.
    • Demonstrates understanding of visual and verbal prompts.

    Language and Literacy

    • Demonstrate the understanding that letters make words.
    • Uses language to talk about past events.
    • Uses words and increasing vocabulary to retell a story.
    • Uses a variety of vocabulary to describe finding solutions to problems.
    • Uses language in conversation to discover answers to questions.
    • Name and match Uppercase letters.
    • Accurately write all Letters of the Alphabet.
    • Demonstrate Phonological Awareness of every Letter (The sounds that letters make).
    • Follow simple two-step directions.

    Gross Motor/Fine Motor Development

    • Uses gross motor movement skills to access a variety of obstacles and environments.
    • Hops on one foot, without support, three or more times.
    • Runs and Jumps over small objects.
    • Uses scissors appropriately.
    • Uses a crayon or pencil to draw or write.

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