Level 2: Alphabet Activities (128 Activities: Letters A-Z)

Level 2: Alphabet Activities (128 Activities: Letters A-Z)

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128 Alphabet Activities:  

This 117 page unit introduces letter recognition and phonological awareness (letter sounds) through a combination of movement activities, sensory, art and literacy exploration. Even children who are always on the go will be interested in learning the alphabet!

All letters (A-W) has 5 Activities and letters X,Y and Z have 4 each:

  • The first activity introduces the shape of the letter.
  • The second and third activities use art and sensory materials to reinforce the shape of the letter.
  • The fourth and fifth activities incorporate literacy and gross motor skills to introduce phonological (letter sounds/pre-reading) concepts.

At the end there is an alphabet review game that is a great refresher once all of the letters have been reviewed!

This worksheet free way of learning letters is a great way to encourage a love of learning!

Note: Looking to save ink and paper? Order the full Level 2 printed book here (includes all alphabet activities and all 60 academic themed activities from Level 2).

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