JDE Purpose

Are you looking for an interactive, comprehensive preschool program that will prepare your child for Kindergarten?
Based on my MA in Curriculum Development, 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, and my passion for helping kids succeed in all areas of life, I have created a complete Kindergarten Readiness program that helps kids develop social/emotional alongside academic standards.
This isn't a program filled with worksheets. I know that children learn best by doing! This curriculum uses music, movement, art, sensory play and projects to encourage children to learn skills and develop strengths. Each lesson, complete with a teaching guide, is based around engaging, interactive conversations and play-based activities. And the best part is that you probably have all the materials you need at home already! There is no need to buy special craft materials, printouts, expensive toys... etc.
Did you know there are 8 different styles children use to learn (discovered by a Harvard professor, Howard Gardner)? Not every child is interested in learning in the same way. This curriculum is built around the theory of 8 intelligences, play-learn ideas outlined in Montessori theory, and Reggio-Emilia philosophies.
You know how your child learns best; the wide range of activities with descriptive teaching guides are designed to help your help your child learn in their own comfort zone and style.
I've prepared a FREE 30 page sample for you so you can see the qualify of the lessons and try some of the activities with your own kids. You can receive your FREE PDF download HERE.
I am happy to chat more about your thoughts and answer any questions you may have to help guide you to the best curriculum level for your child.
All the best,
Jeana Kinne