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Free Preschool Curriculum Samples

Free Preschool Curriculum Samples

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This sample packet includes activities from all three Pre-K YOUR Way Curriculum levels for the home and for the preschool classroom!

Your kids will have the time of their lives learning through: 

 * Cooking 

 * Music 

 * Art 

 * Movement Activities 

 * Science Experiments 

 * Letter Activities 

 * Sensory Play

... and so much More! 

Plus, your child will learn the skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten! Pre-K YOUR Way lessons include: 

 * Simple step-by-step instructions 

 * Handy material lists of items you already have at home. 

 * No prep 15 minute activities. 

 * Fun, hands-on, play-based activities that are and easy to complete!