Level 1: Module 2: Academic Activities to be completed while

Level 1: Module 2: Academic Activities to be completed while "Going on a Walk"; Understanding Safety Rules

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Welcome to the second module of the JDEducational Curriculum Level 1 Series, introducing a variety of beginning academic skills based off of current Kindergarten Readiness Assessments (click here for specific assessments). All Activities are designed to be completed while going on a walk with the child. Examples include: "1-5 STOP", "Walking Interview" and "Color the World". This module includes:

Part 1:  "Going on a Walk" Themed Academic Activities:

  • Ten "Going on a Walk" themed Academic Activities which address the Level 1 Learning Objectives in the following areas:
    1. * Cognitive Development
    2. * Mathematical Development
    3. * Physical Development
    4. * Language Development
    5. * Literacy Development
    6. * Social-Emotional Development
    7. * Self-Help Skill Development
  • The "Going on a Walk" Theme includes activities that can be completed while the child goes on a walk around the neighborhood or park.
  • Materials List - All activities utilize items/materials typically found in the home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities).

Part 2: Parenting Guide:

  • "Understanding Safety Rules" Parenting Tips Guide provides  strategies specific to teaching your child how to be safe while outdoors.
  • Social Skill Building Activities to address this topic.

CLICK HERE to Download a FREE JDE  Sample booklet of activities in each level.