Level 1: Module 4; Household Academic Activities; Respecting My Things

Level 1: Module 4; Household Academic Activities; Respecting My Things

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Welcome to the fourth module of the JDEducational Curriculum Level 1 Series, introducing a variety of beginning academic skills based off of current Kindergarten Readiness Assessments (click here for specific assessments). All Activities are related to the theme "Household Activities" such as: "Folding Shapes", "Food Stock" and "Sweeping Freeze". This module includes:

Part 1:  Household/Clean-Up Themed Academic Activities:

  • Ten "Household" themed Academic Activities which address the Level 1 Learning Objectives in the following areas:
    1. * Cognitive Development
    2. * Mathematical Development
    3. * Physical Development
    4. * Language Development
    5. * Literacy Development
    6. * Social-Emotional Development
    7. * Self-Help Skill Development
  • The "Household" Theme includes activities which relate to taking care of items that are in the home such as: creating menus for dinner, cleaning up toys, washing dishes and putting away laundry. This theme encourages children to take part in taking care of their items while completing engaging learning activities. 
  • Materials List - All activities utilize items/materials typically found in the home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities).

Part 2: Parenting Guide:

  • "Respecting My Things" Parenting Tips Guide provides strategies that supports parents with helping their child stay organized and cleaning up their belongings.
  • Social Skill Building Activities to address this topic.

CLICK HERE to Download a FREE JDE  Sample booklet of activities in each level.