Level 1 Series Digital Download Option

Level 1 Series Digital Download Option

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Level 1 Series Collection Includes:

• 120 Themed Academic Activities The advanced academic activities teach math, science, literacy, math and motor skills through a variety of 15 minute activities. These lessons include how to teach children during everyday activities such as learning:

  • All About Me
  • While Going on  a Walk
  • About My Family
  • While Completing Household Activities
  • Understanding Emotions and Feelings
  • During Library Trips/Literacy Activities
  • Discovering My 5 Senses
  • Shopping Trip Games
  • Car Ride Games
  • Park Games
  • Nutrition/Mealtime Investigation
  • Restaurant Games

• 12 Parenting Tip Behavior Support Guides discuss common behavior and social skill milestones. The guides introduce a variety of ways to support children's social development at home and in the community. Includes Social Skill activities for children to practice the concepts and a parenting guide worksheet which helps individual families create a plan to incorporate learned techniques into their family. Topics Include:

  • Understanding Diversity
  • Understanding Safety Routines
  • Taking Turns with Loved Ones
  • Taking Care of My Things
  • Supporting Children's Feelings through Identifying BIG Emotions
  • Supporting Age-Appropriate Behavior
  • Preparing for Successful Outings
  • Teaching Indoor and Outdoor Behavior Expectations
  • Traveling with Children
  • Creating Successful Transitions
  • Supporting Children in Trying New Foods
  • Surviving Restaurant Meals with Young Children
  •  Your Child Will Learn:

  •  Mathematics

    • Name and recognize familiar shapes.
    • Finish simple patterns using two elements.
    • Count up to 5 objects.
    • Recognize the names of numerals.
  •  Problem Solving/Science and Investigation

    • Identify three or more colors.
    • Sort objects by one quality (characteristic i.e. Size, color)
    • Name body parts and their function.
    • Understand Different vs. Same.
    • Classify objects by at least two properties.


    • Participate in familiar routines.
    • Understand rules and expectations related to specific places and environments.
    • Use words and gestures to communicate with same aged peers.
    • Demonstrate awareness of the meaning of the behaviors of others.
    • Use words to problem solve and respond to a variety of social situations.

    Social/Emotional Development - **Note: Specific Social/Emotional Learning Objects from Kindergarten Readiness Standards are addressed in this level only. This Level is appropriate for children two years through Kindergarten, no matter what their academic skills are.

    • Understand and follow familiar safety routines.
    • Demonstrate awareness of personal care routines.
    • Develop and use self-regulation techniques.
    • Acknowledge own feelings and respond with appropriate behaviors.
    • Identify feelings in others.
    • Engage with peers in an appropriate way (Depending on age and skill level).

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