Soothing Sammy Curriculum Guide

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Soothing Sammy Curriculum Guide (PDF)- This PDF guide, emailed to you immediately upon purchase, contains simple step-by-step ways for you to introduce Sammy to your classroom in a way they will remember what it is for. 

It also includes:

  1. Tips From A Mom: “How I Use Sammy In My Home"
  2. Printouts for Sammy Corner
  3.  Two Week Soothing Sammy Curriculum
  4.  Soothing Sammy Coloring Pages
  5.  Soothing Sammy Mask Project
  6.  List of Specific Skills Sammy Teaches
  7. 10 Emotions and Feelings Activities (Play Based
  8. BONUS: Sensory Play Recipes for Kids/Extra ideas to add to Sammy’s House