Soothing Sammy Kit -Tabling event

Soothing Sammy Kit -Tabling event

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Soothing Sammy teaches your child how to process their feelings, identify their emotions and problem solve in a way that is EASY for children to understand and SIMPLE for parents to implement!

Sammy Set Includes:

  1. Children's Book
  2. Parent Guide
  3. Stuffed Plush Puppy Toy (Golden Retriever) Plush Toy has a bandana with his name on it. (11.5"L x 3.5"W x 10"H) Plush is machine washable and safe for children ages 2 years old and up.

Using "Soothing Sammy," the book, along with their own personal Sammy plush dog, your child is coached through simple, calm-down techniques that can be used anytime! 


Part 1. The "Soothing Sammy" children's story teaches different calm down strategies. In the book, children visit Sammy, at his dog house looking for help when they feel upset. Sammy teaches them how to calm down, identify why they were mad and encourage them to create a solution. Your child will learn:

Part 2. Sammy the Plush dog - A cuddly and soft plush golden retriever that brings the children's book to life. Follow the tips in the Parenting Guide to incorporate Sammy and his calming techniques into your daily lives! Learn how to construct a "Sammy house" for Sammy, the plush toy dog (included) to live in.  Sammy's house incorporates common household items talked about in the "Soothing Sammy" book. These items help children calm down when they are upset. This house helps children and families implement the calming strategies learned in the Sammy book. 

  • Sammy meets and exceeds all US safety Standards for children ages 2 years old and up.
  • Machine Washable
  • 10 inches long

Part 3. The parent guide discusses a variety of ways which your family can incorporate Sammy's lessons into your everyday life, including:

  • Sharing space and items with other children.
  • Encouraging your child to listen.
  • Helping your child express their feelings.
  • Preventing your child from becoming frustrated.
  • Transitioning to and from different activities.
  • Following Directions.

    The children's book, along with Sammy the plush dog and parent guide, create a complementary set of tools that every home (or classroom) with young children will appreciate.

    Soothing Sammy's 6 Steps to Less Tantrums:

    Step 1: Read the "Soothing Sammy" Children's book with your child.

    Step 2: Build Sammy's House (Instructions in the back of the book).

    Step 3: Fill Sammy's house with the calm down items. Specific examples are listed at the end of the book (these include common household items like a wash cloth, empty cup, crunch snack, a family photo, etc)

    Step 4: Read the parent guide. Learn how to prevent your child from becoming frustrated in everyday situations (such as transition times, sharing space and toys, listening and following directions, going on a long car ride, etc).

    Step 5: Gently encourage your child to use Sammy's house. If your child becomes upset, redirect them to Sammy's house (Step 3) to calm down.

    Step 6: Read Soothing Sammy together.  Use the questions at the end of the story to help your child identify why they are mad, how to fix the problem and how to prevent it from happening again in the future!

    Note: Keep Sammy and his house in an easily accessible space so children can use his items whenever they are feeling overwhelmed.


    If we teach children simple and effective coping strategies while they are young, they will be able to utilize those skills and strategies through their teenage and adult years. 

    Have you ever wondered why your child get so upset, acting out in a meltdown or tantrum?

    You are not alone! According to Robert Plutchick, professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, more than 90 different emotions have been identified! 

    Unfortunately, humans aren’t born knowing how to process their emotions or problem solve. Throughout your life, you learned what techniques help you calm down.

    "Soothing Sammy"  teaches young children how to calm down when they become upset, identify their emotions and problem solve. Author, Jeana Kinne, has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and over 15 years of experience working with typically developing children and with children with special needs. She created Sammy to offer a tangible way that teaches calming down techniques in a way that is easy for children to understand, remember and implement within everyday situations.

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