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Sammy Stories Bundles

Perfect for children ages 3 through 7, Sammy, the golden retriever, will teach your child a variety of skills through colorful stories.

Soothing Sammy: Teaches children how to calm down when they are upset.

Sammy Chases the Alphabet: Teaches children the ABCs in a Fun and Playful way!

The Search for Sammy: Teaches children how to stay safe if they ever get lost.

Sammy Goes to Preschool:  Teaching children that everyone is special and unique.

About the Author: Jeana Kinne received her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She created the Sammy Stories to teach children important skills in a fun way that is easy for them to understand and remember! The main character, Sammy, was inspired by Jeana's golden retriever, Kona.

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