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Play-based Academic Activities

Teach your child math, science, literacy and art at home in 15 minutes per day! Our play-based activities use items typically found around a home and are perfect for busy families.

All children are unique, therefore our play-based learning activities are defined by skill level, not age.

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Social-Skill Development: Soothing Sammy Set

There are over 90 different emotions that are currently identified and children experience them all. The Soothing Sammy Set teaches children how to process emotions, communicate feelings and problem-solve (includes a children's book, a golden retriever the plush toy and parent guide).

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Child Development Blog

Our free blog provides answers to commonly asked parenting questions, including tips from early childhood specialists, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and more!

Also, check out our Free Language Leap Blog Series.

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Our Mission:

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Our Early Learning Progam Includes:

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What our families have said

"All the materials are items we have on hand, so there's no need to make a special shopping trip. The activities keep my son engaged, have helped him learn, and best of all, he thinks we're just having play time!"

Nancy (Mother of 2 year old)

"While painting, building, drawing, and jumping, she learned about colors shapes, numbers, and letters. My daughter learned so much while playing and having fun.”

Tara (Mother of 3 year old)

"I love how the curriculum is not a book of worksheets. My son and I look forward to completing the activities together. The materials and directions are in logical steps that are easy to follow with little prep."

Erin (Mother of 4 year old)

Early learning activity program: FOR CHILDREN AGES 2 YEARS OLD AND UP


Level 1 Series: Social & Emotional Development

* Level 1 Skills are taught through daily activities such as going to the park, riding in the car, going on a walk, cleaning the house and MORE!

* Social/Emotional skills are taught through parenting tip sections that provide ideas and strategies for parents which support age-appropriate social and emotional milestones.



Level 2 Series: Alphabet and Academic Introduction

* Level 2 Skills are taught in simple and engaging 15 minute themed activities.

* The Alphabet is taught through art, sensory activities, reading, movement activities (dancing, jumping, running) and language arts.



Level 3 Series: Advanced Academics

*Level 3 Skills are taught in simple and engaging 15 minute themed activities. 

*Inclusive Academic Projects guides your child through a variety of problem-solving  develop a hypothesis, research answers and form a conclusion.


Wondering Which Level is Right for Your Child?

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