Only 40% of Children are Prepared for Kindergarten.

Make Sure Your Child is One of Them!

In 15 minutes per day, your child can learn what they need to know anywhere, anytime and with anything!

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our two-part program includes:


1) Emotional Development: Soothing Sammy: Help Your Child Understand Their Feelings.

Does your child ever have meltdowns or tantrums? Sometimes it is hard to know what to do when your child is upset. Soothing Sammy helps your child learn how to manage their emotions in a hands-on way that is EASY to understand and SIMPLE to implement!

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2) Academic Development: Pre-K YOUR Way: Play-Based Learning Activities

Use items you already have at home to teach your child math, science and literacy! These 15 minute, hands-on, play-based activities include movement, music, art, cooking and more!

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What we offer
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What our families have said

"Parenting is hard work! Children do not come with instructions, so knowing how to handle their emotional needs is so hard.
Thanks to Soothing Sammy I am better equipped to help my children through their melt-downs and tantrums. Since grabbing this set I have seen not only a difference in my children but a difference in how I handle them in the hard moments.
I definitely recommend this set to every parent." 


"My daughter and I had so much fun! While painting, building, drawing, and jumping, she learned about colors shapes, numbers, and letters. The Pre-K YOUR Way activities are easy to follow and can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. My daughter learned so much while playing and having fun. I highly recommend JDEducational to anyone who is looking for a way to prepare their child for Kindergarten.”


"The parenting tips have been so helpful as a first time mom. My daughter gets very antsy in the car and being able to explain the steps of our day (whether errands or adventures) helps her feel involved and calmer as we transition throughout the day. The blog posts have been so helpful and I can't wait to read and implement  more strategies."


Our "Pre-K YOUR Way" Program At a Glance:

• Supports YOUR whole child's development (including academic, social and emotional milestones).

• Fits YOUR Budget - lessons are completed with items typically found around a home. Curriculum can be purchased in a variety of packages fitting every budget.

• Easily Integrated into YOUR Schedule - Activities take 15 minutes to complete and can be completed anywhere and at any time.

• Strengthens YOUR bond - can be utilized by anyone who wants to connect with their child.

• Supports YOUR child's unique learning style - teaching children through a variety of hands-on learning activities (including movement, art, music, sensory and more).

• Meets National Kindergarten Readiness Standards - preparing YOUR child for success in school (either Public School, Private School or Homeschool).

• Based on years of experience and education - to ensure YOUR child is learning in a way that captures their interest.

• Easily adapted for children with special needs - based on YOUR child's skill level, not age.

• Easily incorporated into Preschool and Daycare Curriculum Plans - teaching to the strengths of the children in YOUR care.

How it works


Step 1: Determine which curriculum level meets your child's needs.

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Step 2: Complete the activities with your child.

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Step 3: Watch your child develop a love of learning.

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