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What is Soothing Sammy?

Soothing Sammy is a family program designed to teach young children how to manage their feelings in a positive way. Find answers to all Soothing Sammy FAQ Here.

What is Pre-K YOUR Way?

Pre-K YOUR Way is a curriculum filled with activities that parents can complete at home with their children. These play-based activities are perfect for children ages 2-6 years old and use items typically found around a home. Learn more about Pre-K YOUR Way Here.

Can Preschool Teachers use these programs?

Yes! Preschool teachers have loved including Pre-K YOUR Way and Soothing Sammy into their classrooms. Find out how here.

My child has special needs. Are these programs appropriate for them?

Yes! All of our material can be adapted to children of any skill level. Learn more about how to do this here. 

What does my child need to know before they go to Kindergarten?

Academic, social and emotional development are all important for Kindergarten readiness. Find out the specifics here!

Who created these and why?

Jeana Kinne, MA created all materials that are sold through this website. Learn about her, her experience and her purpose for creating these products here.