12 Holiday Themed Preschool Activities

The Holiday's are here and so is the joy and excitement of all that comes with it. From bows to presents, Santa to Frosty the Snowman and so much more. The magic of Christmas is upon us and I have created some wonderful learning activities around this theme!


Sign up below for a Free 29-page PDF printable Holiday Activity E-Book. These activities can be used as Small Group Activities, Circle Time activities and can be expanded into dramatic play areas! Each activity includes simple step-by-step directions and a chart explaining the exact Academic Standard that is being met when the completing the activity.

    Examples of Activities include:
    • Santa's Jolly Dance
    • Frosty's Carrot Nose
    • Reindeer Bells
    • and more!
    The best part.... all the materials needed to complete these play-based activities are things probably have already for the holidays (wrapping paper, bows, Christmas ornaments, etc).

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