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15 Minute Challenge

Tired of the Preschool Center bills each week?


Don't want to scour Pinterest for hours trying to figure out how to prepare your child for Kindergarten?


What if  easy and fun learning activities were delivered straight to your email inbox everyday?
And all you need are items you already have at home?
No worksheets... just fun, hands-on play activities that will keep your kids begging for more!


Twice a year our homeschool preschool course opens, where we dive into these activities together, supporting every child's development, no matter their skill level!
Find out if this program is right for you by joining our July FREE 30 day challenge!
Perfect for children ages 3-6, this challenge only opens 3x per year, preparing for our new enrollment semester! 

"My daughter and I had so much fun! While painting, building, drawing, and jumping, she learned about colors shapes, numbers, and letters. The Pre-K YOUR Way activities are easy to follow and can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. My daughter learned so much while playing and having fun. I highly recommend JDEducational to anyone who is looking for a way to prepare their child for Kindergarten.”  - Tara 


Join Today!


Every Sunday, for the next 5 weeks, you will receive one email that includes 5 activities.

Each activity includes step-by-step instructions and a handy material list (of items typically found around a home)  that will fill your days with fun! They are so simple that any adult can do them.

Perfect for children ages 2-6, these 15 minute activities will teach your child:

    1. Math
    2. Science
    3. Motor Skills
    4. Language Development 
    5. Letter and Word Knowledge
    6. Beginning Reading
    7. Social Skills 
    8. Emotional Skills
    9. Independence Skills

Your kids will have the time of their lives learning through:

    1. Cooking 
    2. Music
    3. Art Activities
    4. Movement Activities
    5. Science Experiments
    6. Letter Activities
    7. Sensory Play

... and so much More!


Your child will love learning, setting them up for success in Preschool, Kindergarten and beyond! 

Watch as you develop an even stronger bond with your child, learning their unique strengths, laughing together and creating lifelong memories.

Sign up below to join this challenge! The first five activities will be emailed to you immediately. 

BONUS: Watch out for the first email sent to you immediately! This email will have a link to our private Facebook Group. We are in the group on a regular basis answering any questions you have about the activities, and will help you modify them to meet your child's needs!


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