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Sammy the Golden Dog Giveaway!

(Entries Accepted Until Friday, September 10th at Midnight!)

Perfect for children ages 2 through 6, Sammy the Golden Dog stories are used in the classroom and at home to encourage learning through play. Only available to the Planning Playtime community, this once in a lifetime giveaway is worth $79.95! You can win:

1. "Sammy Chases the Alphabet" Children's Book- Teaches letter identification, sounds and pre-reading skills. ($11.99 value)

2. "The Search For Sammy: A Lost and Found Adventure" Children's Book - Teaches children how to stay safe if they ever become lost.($12.99 value)

3. "Sammy Goes to Preschool" Children's Book - Teaches children that everyone is unique and special.  ($11.99 value)

4. "Soothing Sammy" Children's Book- Teaches children how to calm down instead of tantrum.  ($14.99 value)

5. Sammy Plush Dog ($15.00 value) 
6. Soothing Sammy Curriculum Guide (E-Book) ($9.99 value)
7. Sammy Songs (MP3 Version) ($3.00 value) 

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