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Get Ready For the Holiday's by Completing These Free Activities With Your Child!

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Join me for the 12 Days of Christmas Email series, a FREE series for the preschoolers in your life! Every day, starting December 13th, you will receive one email with a special PDF printable Holiday Activity. What better gift to give your child then the gift of quality time together? Sign up today!


The Holiday's are here and so is the joy and excitement of all that comes with it. From bows to presents, Santa to Frosty the Snowman and so much more. The magic of Christmas is upon us and I have created some wonderful learning activities around this theme!


Each activity is playful and includes simple step-by-step directions. Examples of Activities include:

    • Santa's Jolly Dance
    • Frosty's Carrot Nose
    • Reindeer Bells
    • and more!

    Not only are all the activities fun, they also teach a variety of skills (that are described in the activity) including:

    • Math
    • Language
    • Alphabet
    • Shapes
    • Gross Motor
    • Fine Motor
    • ... and more!
    The best part.... all the materials need to complete these play-based activities are things you probably already have for the holidays (wrapping paper, bows, Christmas ornaments, etc).