Wouldn't it be nice if children were born with a "how-to" manual?

Like how to respond when they are screaming? Or what to do when they refuse to eat dinner?

Yesterday, I was walking through Target and saw a mom with the look of horror on her face. 

Her daughter's ear-piercing screams echoed through the aisles because she wanted the "newly released" toy displayed at the end of the isle. 

Embarrassed, her mom tried to calm her down with everything she had in her purse. I think it was a cookie that finally settled her down..

Parenting is hard work!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan on how to respond to these unpredictable situations? 

If only there was a parent "handbook" that could tell us exactly what to do? 

Great news!!! There is! 

Parenting With a Plan is a self-paced, online course that includes over 22 of the most popular topics, like listening and taking turns with siblings and friends.

The best part: all of these tips are organized by topic so you can start today! 

What would your life be like if your child...

  •  Was ready to leave the house on time. 
  •  Went to sleep without a fuss.
  •  Laid down to rest or nap daily.
  •  Followed a schedule that prevents hunger and tiredness .
  •  Stayed in their bed all night.
  •  Took Turns/Shared with siblings and friends. 
  •  Followed house rules. 
  • Listened and followed directions.  
  • Left the park without screaming.

All of these ninja-kid skills are taught inside this easy to follow online course, Parenting With a Plan. 

And will have an easy-to-follow-plan on:

  • How to respond to your child's tantrums. 
  • The difference between a Logical consequence and a Natural consequence. 
  • The difference between "sorry" and "empathy." 
  • How to support your child's social and emotional development. How to prevent negative attention-getting behavior. 
  • Understand the role of discipline in a positive way.

And so much more!!!