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Take the Stress Out of Teaching!

Never Plan a Lesson on Your Own Time Again.

I know how crazy a day of teaching preschool can be!

The kids are READY for fun! They are excited to learn and to play. 

Preparing for each school day takes a lot of time and energy.

Hi! My name is Jeana Kinne and I have been a Preschool Teacher and Director for the last 15 years! 

After a full day of teaching I was too exhausted to spend an hour planning.

I love spending time with the kids but I was tired of racking my brain to come up with activities they would enjoy and meet assessment criteria. 

I was tired of reminding students to pay attention at circle time. 

Most of all, I wanted my class to love learning. 

And I didn't want to spend my free time lesson planning.

I received my MA in Early Childhood Curriculum Development and knew what I needed to do.

I needed to listen to the children!

I needed to spend less time preparing activities based on my own ideas. 

Instead, I should be creating authentic lessons WITH my kids! 

So  I took the plunge!

On a sunny Monday morning, I walked into my preschool classroom with no plan. 

I sat down at circle time and asked the children what they wanted to learn about.

And I was astounded at their answers!

One wanted to know how the rain got from the clouds to our sink.

Another wanted to know how fish could breathe under water. 


So I wrote every single request down. 

The kids were so excited that they could share what they were interested in!

I went home that night and created content maps, activities and projects that would help the children discover the answers to their questions. 

The next day, I started talking about one of the requested topics.

And do you know what happened? 

There was less behavior issues and more interest in learning. 

There was less boredom and more engagement. 

There was less stress and more fun!

And... I could create all my content in the class with the children. I spent less then 30 minutes per week prepping activities after school!

I felt like I got my life back. I could enjoy being a teacher and spending time with the kids!

I want to teach you how to do this too! 

Plan Your Emergent Classroom!

For $14.99 a month, you will receive:

1. Online Curriculum Training Course

Child-led curriculum isn't hard if we know how to listen and observe our children's play. Learn how to map out themes with your children, document what children are learning and encourage them to take an active role in the classroom. 

2. Projects/Child-Led 


Every month, I create one NEW themed project that is kept in our Curriculum vault for you to access anytime! Each project includes dramatic play resources and a list of learning objectives to make assessments  a breeze. 

3. Live Support with our Private Facebook Group

As part of our VIP  our community,  you will receive help with your own emergent curriculum plans! Together, we discuss learning styles, classroom environment, multiple-day projects, indoor and outdoor activities!

We open on February 1, 2020! Sign up below to be notified via email:

What is Child-Led Learning?

In order to create a curriculum that would be beneficial for ALL children, we need to first find out where our children are at and what they are interested in. 

Then we need to teach new concepts in a way our current class like to learn.

How? By using Harvard University Professor's (Howard Gardner) educational theory of "multiple intelligences". 

Gardner believed that traditional education was not utilizing the strengths of all children because every child is unique and learns differently. These "eight intelligence pathways" are the foundation to my activities, and include: 

1. Linguistic - "Word Smart" 

2. Logical-Mathematical - "Numbers/Reasoning Smart" 

3. Spatial - "Picture Smart" 

4.Bodily - Kinesthetic - "Movement Smart" 

5. Musical - "Rhythms and Songs Smart" 

6. Interpersonal - "People Smart" 

7. Intrapersonal - "Self Smart" 

8. Naturalist - "Outdoor/Nature Smart"

When we base our themes off of the interests of the kids in our classroom, we not only hold their attention longer, but they become active participants in their learning process.

As we create curriculum with the children, they  will learn: 

 * Math 

 * Science 

 * Motor Skills 

 * Language Development 

 * Letter and Word Knowledge 

 * Social Skills 

 * Emotional Skills 

We discuss National Kindergarten Readiness Standards: 

1. Preschool Learning Foundations

2. Common Core Kindergarten Standards 

3. Desired Results Developmental Profile Learning Objectives.

We don't discuss printables, nor do we recommend using them! Children are able to create items for their play areas with our guidance!

Plan Your Emergent Classroom Today!

For only $14.99 per month, you will access:

* Self-Paced Curriculum Training Course

* All of our Preschool Projects (a new one is added every month)

* Social/Emotional Tips and Tools

* Private Facebook Community where we will help each other create curriculum based on our kids needs and interests!

We open on February 1, 2020! Sign up below to be notified via email: