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Create a Quality Preschool Program Today!

I remember the day I walked into my classroom and Charlene spilled all the fish food into the fish tank...

... and the day that Lilly hit Bonnie on the head with a plastic car because she "sat in the wrong spot."

I remember when Johnny would run around the classroom the entire circle time ...

... and when Tyler decided to paint the entire wall blue instead of his paper. 

Why am I admitting this to you? So you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

So what do we do about the classroom chaos? Most importantly: How we respond to each situation will either make or break our day.

There are a lot of components to running a successful preschool including:

* Quality Classroom Environments

* Happy Parents

* Engaging Curriculum

* Confident Staff

..... and so much more! 

For the past 18 years, I have supported preschool staff in creating a classroom that children can learn, grow and have fun in. It's all about knowing how to respond to different situations that might come up at a moments notice. 

And that is why I decided to start "Quality Preschool Planners" Membership. Here we support each other in the nitty gritty and celebrate the wins! I share tips on creating quality classrooms and we put each lesson into practice together - in real time...with real real life! 

Hi! My name is Jeana Kinne, founder of Easy Preschool Activities and Sammy the Golden Dog series. I have my Masters in Education: Curriculum Development and Child Psychology. After working for 10 years in preschools, 4 years as a consultant and another 10 in special education, I have learned more about how the role of the teacher, classroom environment and individual child development impacts our preschool days. 

Every single Early Childhood Professional has a HEART of GOLD and PATIENCE that others couldn't imagine! As someone who started as a preschool aide, then moved to teacher, director and now preschool consultant, I have been in your shoes. 

Let me use my experience to help you navigate preschool life in a positive way! I have helped hundreds of teachers create quality classrooms they are proud of - on a budget! Get ready as we share, support, learn and laugh while creating quality preschool classrooms that we want to share with the world!

Pre-K Membership Includes:

1. Monthly Lessons on Classroom Topics

Running a sucessful preschool or daycare center isn't only about teaching children academics. 

We will cover a new topic per month. These include creating a daily schedule, planning a circle time, handling tough behaviors in the classroom, communicating with parents and so much ore!

2. Monthly Q & A with Jeana

Every month, we will have a live Q & A session where you can ask me for tips and suggestions. 

Support includes giving ideas and tips on implementation of activities, modifying the activities to meet the needs of your classroom and whatever else you would like to discuss.

Join us today!!!!

Our Membership course is currently closed and will reopen on September 1st for the upcoming school year! 

Would you like to be notified as soon as we are open?