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JDE Sample Activity Booklet - Over 15 Sample activities (Some from each curriculum Level) you can use to decide which curriculum level is appropriate for your child!

Child Development

Reggio Emilia- Preschool Philosophy

Facebook Group: Parenting Tips for Children Under 5

Cooking and Learning in the Kitchen - Educational Curriculum

Education What do you do with all this artwork when you are through? There are so many masterpieces and your fridge is only so big! Check out this company that will bind original artwork and other projects into one personalized bound memory book. Give the book away as a gift (which grandparents or teachers may love) or save it for your child!"

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What's Cooking (with Kids) is a wonderful program designed to teach literacy development through cooking in the kitchen! Join their virtual book club and every month, you will receive a seasonal recipe to make with your children that corresponds to the book of the month.  A few other bonuses are included with the recipe, such as some science facts or grocery store scavenger hunts! Take a peak at their website for more information.


Mama Evergreen is a place where Teachers, Homeschoolers   & Parents can come together, learn from one another and find some amazing resources to help themselves and their students. Visit Mama Evergreen for more information.


Family Life

Flavors, Fashion, and Fun - Time and money-saving strategies for busy families

--------------------------------------------------- - Happy Mama's Club    exists to encourage, inspire and empower moms to do what they love and get paid for it! We aim to create a place for mom's to connect and grow together. We are more then a business; 10% of all proceeds go to help moms in need.


Peekaboo Beans  - With passion for promoting play and imagination, Peekaboo Beans creates the best playwear in the world for children to live in, feel empowered, move freely and play in. We design our clothes to foster independence, allowing Beans to play and grow in comfort and style.


Toys and Materials

There are so many toys to choose from, both in stores and on the internet. A lot of parents and family members get overwhelmed during birthdays and other holidays when searching for presents for the children in their lives. After spending a lot of time in preschools, the JDEducational team has created the following list of  high quality, developmentally appropriate learning toys for purchase. We only recommend toys that we have used and brands that we trust!

Toys for Infants and Toddlers

Toys for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5 years old)

Recommended Furniture and Organization Tools for In-Home Learning Environments