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Summer Activity Series


Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the JDEducational Summer Blog Series :)

I wanted to informally introduce myself to you all so you have an idea of my background and my plan for my website.

I started off my career as a preschool Teacher and eventually made my way to a preschool Director for a few years. While all this was happening I receive my BA in sociology/human development and my MA in Education-Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. As I was figuring out my life as a Director, I met my (now husband) who decided to get a job in San Diego, CA (we are from northern CA). After about 1 year of long distance I decided to move closer to him. In doing this, I was stuck looking for a new job! 

Luckily, I came across Early Intervention and started working with infants and toddlers with special needs and those at risk for developmental delays. I was a home teacher, creating homebased developmental curriculum to meet each individual child's needs, and completing the activities with them and their families in their homes.

Over the next several years, I stayed in this field as my husband and I moved back to Northern CA. I have since moved into a Service Coordinator role, where I assess children in the early intervention program and manage all the therapists working with them (physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists.....) and I work closely with their doctors and specialists. I absolutely LOVE this field…. But I felt as though I wanted to use my passion for curriculum development… and that is my creative outlet!

Over the years I have learned how each child is different, how parents are such an important piece of their child's social and academic development and how the stresses of everyday life impact parent engagement with their kids! Although parents are busy, it is so important for them to spend time with kids completing fun and interactive activities J

Types of Activities that are currently on my website:

So....I created a play-based curriculum for all parents to feel encouraged and know they are their child's first and very best teacher! The curriculum is themed and very specific to developmental levels – not ages. I want parents to love their children as they are while they gently “nudge” them onto the next skill level. All of the activities are based off of multiple-intelligence style of learning – meaning that all children learn differently so the activities were created everyone (kids that like to move, learn through music, exploration, building, sensory, art...etc) you name it, the activity types are in there!

Soo… what is this Summer Activity Blog all About? Well, I am hoping that you would be interested in creating a one-page printable of your favorite summer activities! Something that would be playful and fun, engage and involve the whole family! I want to encourage families to explore, be outside and play together!

What I need from you:

    1) A one-page printable activity that is geared towards families with children ages 2- 6 years old. Please make sure that no super expensive items are on your materials list – as we want all families to be able to participate. Your blog name and info can be listed on this PDF J If possible, please include some pictures of the activity.

      2) Include an "about the activity" blog (keeping it between 3-500 words)  and email it to me. This could include what the children will learn or the purpose of the activity.

      3) Write a short, "about the author" paragraph that I will include in the blog.

      4) Send any links to your own social media pages that you would like me to link to.

      5) Send me a graphic that you would like used as the main social media photo. Please include my website link:

      Here is what I will do:

      1) I'll create a blog post that includes your summary and post it on my “Free Activities” Blog, which is where it will stay forever unless you want me to take it down.

      2) I would write a simple "introduction to the activity" that leads into your submitted comments.

      3) At the end of the blog, I will include the link to Download the activity (in PDF format).  I will then send you the blog for you to review and give the okay for me to post.

      4) Once the blog is up, I will share on all social media channels and send it out via email out to my email list of 1600 + people.

      5) I will send you the link to the blog post for you to share, share and share with everyone!

      6) I hope that everyone involved in this blog activity series will share everyone else’s activities throughout their social media network!

      The Plan:

      I would like to send out one activity per week, starting in June and running through August! Please let me know which month you would like to participate in! There are quite a few of you, so if I have more people interested than weeks available, I am happy to bump it up to a 2x per week event! Please email me your activities to:

      I look forward to hearing back from you so I can help you promote your wonderful blogs as we support families in spending quality time together!


      Jeana Kinne