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Section 1: Themed Curriculum

This month we are studying the Weather! Depending on where you live, you might have snow, rain, thunder, lightening, or maybe just a drizzle! In this theme, we not only investigate different types of weather, but also how rain gets from the clouds into our sink!


Language Literacy

Gross/Fine Motor

Month Project

Alphabet Activities

Dramatic Play

Outdoor Activities

Themed Mini-Units

Cooking Activities



Section 2: Parent Information

Creating a strong parent community is important for any school. The best way to do this is to have open communication with them about what his happening at school. This section includes a parent letter you can download and update based on your centers needs, explaining what you are learning this month in your class! Parent night handout gives you a layout for a super fun 2 hour themed Winter night to invite parents too! Some choose to use this as a fundraiser night while others like to build community with this. 

Behavior Tips

Parent Letter

Parent Night

Section 3: Staff Trainings

Making your job easier is my goal! This section is all about you! Documentation printouts are here each month, for you to print out and use to keep track of kids progression for documentation purposes. Theme resources include tips of toys and books to include that match up with the theme of the month. The activity calendar is an editable document that you can use to plan out the month with activities. 

Activity Calendar

Theme Resources


Coming Up:

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