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13 Questions to Expand Your Child's Vocabulary

Looking for a simple way to encourage language development with your child?

Do you realize that you ask your child hundreds of questions everyday? "Where are you shoes?", "Do you want milk?"; "Are you ready to go?"; "Do you have to go to the bathroom?"; "Where did you put my keys?"..... 

Most of the time we want a quick answer: "yes" or "no", but there are specific times throughout the day when we can encourage children to answer with a sentence, or use brand new vocabulary. When we ask questions in a certain way, children use critical thinking skills to answer. These questions are called: Open-Ended Questions.

Open-ended questions teach children how to:

  • Use Language in Conversations
  • Convey their Feelings
  • Develop Imagination
  • Formulate Responses to Questions
  • Support Critical Thinking Skills
  • Learn New Words
  • Problem Solve

This FREE OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS GUDE will provide you with a variety of questions to ask your child throughout the day. 








Download it HERE






About the Author: Jeana Kinne, MA has spent over 16 years in the Early Childhood Education field. She has worked as a Preschool Teacher, Preschool Director, Preschool Consultant and with children with Special Needs. Jeana created JDEducational to guide parents in learning simple teaching techniques which keep their child engaged, excited to learn. She hopes that through learning and growing together, families will create life-long memories. Learn More About Jeana Here. 

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