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Language is a very important part of communication. Do you know a child that has or had some speech delays? Not being able to talk can be very frustrating and cause anxiety. Maybe your child knows another child who is delayed in their communication skills. Marissa Siegel, a speech therapist, wrote a wonderful book to help children feel comfortable visiting their speech therapist!


One morning, the main character, Sammy, woke up and couldn't find his voice. His mom helped him look all over his home and neighborhood for his voice, but they couldn't find it.



Once Sammy started working with his new friend, a speech therapist, she helped him find his voice! Sammy started to be able to make some sounds, then eventually a word and a short phrase! He was so excited that his new friend was able to help him find his voice!

The author, Marissa Siegel, wrote this fabulous book to help children feel comfortable going to speech, while also incorporating some wonderful tips and suggestions on how to help children learn to talk.


Check out Marissa's reason for creating Sammy's book:

"Sammy Goes to Speech is a book project that is near and dear to my heart. After a number of years as a speech-language pathologist and getting to work with many wonderful families, I realized there was a void in the market. I am always on the hunt for good books containing characters with communication needs to use during my therapy sessions. Using books in therapy to encourage communication development is not only recommended, it's fun!  I never found many that I liked or that seemed appropriate for what I wanted to target with kids I work with, especially my little ones. Children's books that are both enjoyable for kids and provide tips/activities for parents on this topic are needed. Sammy helps us fill that void by supplying a way for children and families to get used to the idea of attending speech sessions and learning new techniques to encourage communication. The story is about a little boy who thinks he has lost his voice. A speech therapist enters his life and that's when the magic happens for him and his family.

Hopefully, this will be my first published book of many. I would love to eventually turn this book into a series to help highlight stories of children with a variety of communication disorders, such as stuttering or voice disorders. This book helps both families and the professionals who become part of their lives when a child is diagnosed with a communication disorder or delay. In the spirit of helping families and communities, a portion of the proceeds from this book go to the University of Maryland's Hearing and Speech Department designated for graduate student research on childhood communication disorders."

About the Author:

Marissa Siegel started as a student with a talent for writing and an interest in communication. After a Masters Degree from the University of Maryland in 2011 and a career as a speech-language pathologist, her latest work highlights her strength in bringing speech therapy knowledge and children’s needs to light through children’s books. Marissa is also passionate about helping others and working to build up her community. She builds connections in her own neighborhood with a book from her little free library. She currently lives in the Southeast Portland area with her husband, Dan, and their four-legged family member, Banksy.


You can find more of Marissa's work  on Facebook

Order your own copy of "Sammy Goes to Speech" on Amazon Here!


Help fund more research into Early Learning Language Disorders. The Language-Learning Early-Advantage Program (LEAP) is an award winning individualized preschool program with a strong classroom language-based focus.  The LEAP preschool impacts the lives of children with communication disorders like Marcelo every day. Donate HERE.


Proceeds from the "Sammy Goes to Speech" book are donated to this program.

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