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Spoon Walk - Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials Needed

  • Two (2) Empty paper or plastic cup
  • One (1) Plastic spoon
  • Eight (8) Cheerios (or other small cereal)

What your child will learn:

  • Count using one to one correspondence.
  • Count up to 5 or more.
  • Understand rules and expectations.
  • Use words and gestures to communicate.
  • Gross Motor: Balance and Coordination
  • Fine Motor: Motor Planning


Step 1: Tell the child they’re going to practice balance and coordination skills.

Step 2: The adult should place eight Cheerios in one plastic cup.

Step 3: Place the plastic cup, at the child’s level, on one side of a room.

Step 4: The adult should place the empty plastic cup on the other side of the empty room.

Step 5: Tell the child to hold the spoon in one hand and place a Cheerio onto the plastic spoon.

Step 6: Tell the child to spin around in a circle three times, keeping the Cheerio on the spoon. Help the child count to three.

Step 7: Tell the child to walk across the room to the empty plastic cup, keeping the Cheerio on the spoon.

Step 8: Once the child reaches the other cup, tell them to tip the spoon into the cup so the Cheerio falls in the cup.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5 through 8 until the child has moved all of the Cheerios.

Optional: Repeat as many times as you want. Have the child count the steps it takes to get from one cup to the other.


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