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Learning in the Moment

If you looked through the Pre-K YOUR Way activities, you know that to start with Level 1, children need to have some foundational skills. Most families believe that 2 1/2 - 3 years old is the right time to start the Pre-K YOUR Way activities with their children. Do you have a child who isn't quite ready for Pre-K YOUR Way, but they are demonstrating an interest in learning? Do you have a toddler who loves to investigate the world, and is asking lots of questions?   Now is a great time to start teaching them basic skills they will need to start preschool.

But how do you do this? Two-year-old's learn best in the moment! That is why the "Raising Human Beans- Before-Pre-K" Curriculum is a great starting point! Sarah created these activities in order to teach her own two-year-old preschool readiness skills. She was able to do this while also living her busy life as a mom. We all know that young children don't sit for a long time, so having simple guidelines on what and how to teach pre-academic skills is very helpful. Here is what is so special about these activities:

1) Activities are clear, simple and concise.

The  Before Pre-K Year is broken up into semesters, each semester building upon skills learned in the previous one. The activities include simple suggestions of how to incorporate teaching basic skills in everyday life. For instance, pointing out shapes in nature or finding colors when on a walk in the community.

2) The activities encourage open-ended exploration and retention of skills.

The activities utilize everyday items, such as watermelon math. It is suggested that activities are completed multiple times throughout each semester so that children will retain skills they learned.

3) The activities can be adapted to any schedule.

Instead of a strict, hour by hour schedule, Before Pre-K can be completed at any time. Sarah gives suggestions on how many times per week you should spend in exploration learning mode with your child, but how often and how long you choose to complete the activities are up to your own family. The activities can be completed any time of day, any day of the week. 

4) Wonderful examples of some activities are incorporated throughout all of the semesters.

Sarah includes samples and photos of her son and daughter completing these activities. These samples provide guidance to parents as they work through each activity.

5) Activities support interest-based learning.

Children are interested in so many different topics. Their curiosity and engagement is what makes teaching little ones so much fun! Sarah includes a variety of topics that will surely keep your child engaged. These include colors, shapes, space, sign language, stories, name recognition and even American history!

6) Includes sensory-based learning throughout the curriculum.

We all know that children love to get messy! Sarah supports these important experiences, encouraging sensory-rich activities throughout themed activities.  These include a variety of mediums such as finger-paint and shaving cream! Follow this link to read more on why messy activities are so important in early childhood.

There is no better way for a child to learn, then engaging with their family. These activities give you the tools to feel confident in understanding how your child learns, skills they need to learn and how you can make learning fun! For more information regarding "Before Pre-K" Activities, check out the website "Raising Human Beans". These activities will surely keep your little one actively engaged, supporting their love of learning.

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