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Top 10 Block Center Additions

I love the block area! 

The options for creativity is endless. 

Maybe one day a rectangle block is a spaceship, then the next day it's an elephant trunk!

The options are limitless, and the best part are the children's faces while they are creating! 

What do you put in the block area to encourage creativity and learning?

Here are my top 10 items that I always include in the block area:

1. Books: I love to add a variety of themed books to the block area. What are your kids interested in? Check out some library books that go along with the theme and see if you kids try to build scenes in the book (such as motorcycle books, castles, ships, etc.)

2. Paper and Pen: All architects start with a draft of their building. Kids can do this too! Paper and pens give children the opportunity to plan what they are going to build and decide what they are going to use.

3. Blocks: Of course we will add blocks to the block area! Wooden blocks, large blocks, small blocks, colored blocks, natural blocks....any block!

4. Plastic or Wooden Cars - Sometimes children build cities or carports. Maybe they want to build a cargo ship that carry's cars from one side of the ocean to the other? 

5. Plastic or Wooden People - All sorts of options for adding people to our block cities or spaceships! I once had a child build the city that we live in! 

6. Plastic or Wooden Animals - How about a zoo? Did you know that animals could hand out in the wooden rooms or roam the cities? 

7. Recyclables - This is my favorite way to teach children how to reuse objects. Blocks could be empty tissue boxes, empty amazon boxes, paper towel rolls, empty water bottles, clean and empty paint bottles, and so much more!

8. Photos - Printed photos of kids in the class building in the block area! How fun to see past projects to discuss!

9. Measuring Tools - Tape-measures, rulers and scales! Having these laying around adds another element to building! 

10. Play tools (plastic or wooden) - such as this super fun tool set! While you are at it, check out this construction worker dress up set!

What do you have in your block area? Share with us in the comments below!

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