Why Preschool Teachers Teach

I have been working in the Early Childhood field for over 15 years. I always hear parents say "I don't know how you do this all day... I'm exhausted with just one child." 

I laugh and say "We love having your child with us!" The truth is, some days I am exhausted too. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with behaviors in the classroom or trying to collect documentation for assessments that are due the next week.

Teaching is HARD. 

So why do I keep coming back everyday?

The smiles, the love of learning... the innocence and joy that comes from young children. They love meeting new friends and EVERYTHING is exciting. 

Children help me keep faith in humanity. 

When I turn on the news, I hear the horrible things going on in the world. When I talk to other adults, I hear them complain about this or that... but kids... when I talk to kids they are excited all of the time! 

If I didn't have "little friends" to talk to on a regular basis, I would be stuck in the world of "due dates here"... "I'm tired of...", "If I have to do that again..." and "I don't want to..."

My days are filled with songs, games, laughter and fun! I spend time with people exploring the world for the first time. The magic of listening to children learn and grow together is priceless.

So next time you drop your kids off at Preschool and you wonder "how we do what we do all day?"... know that I love my job and we love spending time with your kids.

Preschool Teachers teach because we love our jobs!

We love hanging out with little ones and exploring the world with them. Their enthusiasm, smiles and silly stories make every day a new and exciting one.

Let me know in the comments... Why do you teach preschool?

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