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Top 5 Toys for Children Learning How to Walk

Do you have a child who is crawling and pulling to stand? Are  they almost taking their first steps, or maybe they already have? Balance, coordination, body awareness, problem solving and vision all play a role in walking. Here are my top 5 toys that help new walkers master these skills:

1. Foamnasium Gymnasium Playset

This playset can be purchased together or as individual units. Create multiple obstacle courses that your child can access safely. The foam is soft, durable and easily washable, so I love using this in both a classroom and at home. You can take them apart and put them in different places around your home, or keep them together. Add in this  Pop Up Tunnel to add on to the obstacle! 

2. Gonge Riverstones

Learning how to walk in a straight line on a even surface is one thing, but learning how to walk on an uneven surface is a whole nother skill! These awesome riverstones can be placed in any order, in a line or in a circle. They are different heights so they require your child to navigate a variety of heights, preparing them to walk on stairs, rocks and other multi-level surfaces. My favorite thing about this, is that it can be used for years! For example, once your child is starting to learn colors - have them run to the color you name and stand on it! They are plastic so they can be used indoors or outdoors and cleaned easily.

3. COSSY Wooden Baby Learning Walker 

Have you seen those plastic push walkers? This walker is similar but it has another helpful component that makes your toddler stronger. Not only are these wooden alphabet blocks adorable, but they serve a purpose as well. When your toddler pushes a heavy cart, it supports their balance and strengthens their muscles (sort of like how our muscles get stronger when we lift weights). If the cart is too light for your toddler, put a package of flour or rice on top to weight it down more. Your baby will be cruising in no time!

4. Melissa & Doug Playful Puppy Wooden Pull Toy for Beginner Walkers

Pull toys give children the confidence that they are able to walk independently, while still holding onto something. This adorable puppy pull toy is made with wood so it can withstand the inevitable bangs and bruises it will get as your child tries to pull it around corners and furniture. I am a big fan of Melissa and Doug toys because they are known for their safety and use of high quality materials.

5. ECR4Kids Softzone Toddler Play Soft Blocks 

The soft foam blocks may not seem like they can be used for children learning how to walk, but a component of walking is picking up items on the floor and getting back to standing without falling down. These play blocks are large enough for even your littlest child to stack without them toppling over. If the blocks do topple over, they are soft so they won't hurt your baby if they fall on their head. Place all the blocks on the floor and help your child stack them, encouraging them to bend or squat down to pick one up and stand back up. This can be hard for new walkers, so they may tumble a bit, but making this game fun will strengthen their balance and coordination.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite toys for children learning how to walk. Remember, walking is hard so be patient while encouraging your child to try again! 

* The toys in this collection are ones that I have used and love! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. We may earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


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