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Top 5 Toys for Children With Sensory Processing Needs

Do you have a child or know of a child who has some sensory needs. They may be sensitive to touch, sights, sounds to textures. Here are my top 5 toys that help children with sensory processing needs.

1. Children's Factory Small Sensory Table & Lid Set Classroom Furniture 

This water/sand table is a great way to encourage your child to investigate new textures in a safe space. Some ideas of safe sensory materials to use include: home-made play dough (lots of recipes online), flour, oatmeal, rough sponges (not wet), nontoxic water beads, water and soap and sand. Add in a variety of toys to make the activity more inviting. If your child doesn't want to touch the material, allow them to use these simple tools  to investigate without their hands! 

2. Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive

If your child has a hard time staying still or needs some place to spend their energy, this indoor trampoline is a great way to do that. It is small and has a handle for your child to hold onto. It encourages proprioceptive sensory integration (increasing stimulation on the joints) to help calm your child so they can engage in conversation or sit down activity.

3. SueSport 6' Children Play Tent Tunnel Kid POP Up Discovery Tube Playtent Toy Tent

If your child is overwhelmed by large sounds and big crowds, this is the perfect toy for them. Children that need some alone time in order to escape the unpredictable-ness of their environment will love this tunnel. For children that are sensitive to auditory or visual stimuli (sights and sounds) it is important that they have a place that feels safe where they can independently calm down and recover. Place a couple pillows and books in the tunnel for some added coziness.

4. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Paint Brushes 

Tactile sensitivity makes it difficult for children to participate in art projects, especially those fun ones that we do around the holidays. These simple Jumbo Paint brushes have thick handles so children can hold onto the brush but stay far away from the paint (or whatever art medium you are using). They are easy to manipulate and a great way to encourage tracing lines. These brushes are made to withstand the inevitable bangs and bruises it will get as your child pats and pushes the brush on a variety of surfaces. I am a big fan of Melissa and Doug toys because they are known for their safety and use of high quality materials.

5. Fun and Function Vibra Zilla® Sensory Vibration Handle with Textured Zilla® Jr Tube (Blue)

For those of you who have children with oral sensitivities, or ones that like to mouth everything, this vibrating chew toy is for you! Children with low oral motor tone or sensory exploration love the vibration of this toy. It is a safe way for your child to explore with their mouth while also giving them some proprioception input they are seeking.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite toys for sensory processing needs. I hope this helps you and your family help your child with developing new skills while also supporting their needs.

* The toys in this collection are ones that I have used and love! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. We may earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


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