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Play-Based Learning Activities

Let's Teach Our Kids the Fun Way - Through Play!

Your kids will have the time of their lives completing these hands-on, engaging activities with parents, teachers, babysitters or other adults. Perfect for children ages 2-6, they will learn math, science, language, motor and social skills using everyday household items.

You can do these activities anywhere and at anytime! The step-by-step instructions, handy materials list, short preparation times and note section to track exactly what your child is learning, will make it easy to prepare your child for Kindergarten on busy days. Our play-based activities include:

- Cooking 
- Music
- Art Activities
- Movement Activities
- Science Experiments
- Letter Activities
- Sensory Play

... and so much More! You and your child will be so entertained, they might not notice they’re also learning important academic, social and emotional skills.

Now let’s get learning!  

What do you need to get started? 

1. Pick one or more unit themes from the collection below (there are 24 units total.) Each unit builds on concepts learned in the previous one. Level 1 is for 2 year olds, Level 2 is for 3 year olds and Level 3 is for 4 year olds!

2. No need to have a plan - They fit right into your family's busy lives. Or you can use them as lesson plans in your preschool classroom! These easy to prep lessons can be completed anywhere/anytime using items you already have. 

3. No need to purchase anything fancy - They are Budget Friendly! Kids can learn with anything! The activities utilize items most have already laying around the home - paper, sidewalk chalk, measuring tape, tape, markers, buckets, empty cardboard boxes... etc.

These activities were made to be completed on a budget -- no need to cut out pre-made shapes from construction paper (who wants to spend time doing that anyway??) or buy specific brands of materials. 

Each activity defines exactly what your child will learn, lists materials needed and require minimal prep! Prepare for an activity in three minutes or less! 

4. So simple that anyone will feel comfortable using them! Have you had experience as a teacher, babysitter or nanny?  These activities are simple so everyone can complete them (no matter if you have an education background or not!)
Each activity includes step-by-step directions and includes learning objectives are based on current Preschool Standards.

Note: Pre-K YOUR Way Activity Series -

There are 24 Units that make up this Curriculum. Each Unit builds on concepts mastered in the previous unit, starting with Level 1:Unit 1.

Since every child is unique, I have broken the curriculum down by skill level, not age, although in most preschool/daycares, teaches have found the following:

Level 1= 2 year olds

Level 2 = 3 year olds

Level 3 = 4/5 year olds

An example of how teachers have incorporated the curriculum into their classroom is explained in this curriculum guide HERE! 

Here is a sample of what children learn in each level. Click on the photo to enlarge:

For a Sample Download of each level, Click HERE!

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