Level 1 Series: Social and Emotional Development

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      1) Purchase Curriculum Digitally for $50  and have access to it on your tablet or mobile device OR print them out as you go.

      2) Choose a Printed Book for $60 to make notes in and carry with you. Easier to read than on a phone with no worries about deleting.

      3) Choose to Purchase Each Module (PDF version) Separately for $9.99 each. Each Module builds on the concepts learned in the previous module. (Includes 20 Academic Activities and 2 Parenting Behavior Guides)

      Level 1: Series Includes:

      • 120 Themed Academic Activities 

      The advanced academic activities teach math, science, literacy, math and motor skills through a variety of 15 minute activities.

      • 12 Parenting Tip Behavior Guides
      Parenting Guides discuss common behavior and social skill milestones. The guides introduce a variety of ways to support children's social development at home and in the community. Included are Social Skill activities for children to practice the concepts and a parenting guide worksheet which helps individual families create a plan to incorporate learned techniques into their family.
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