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Level 3: Unit 6: Oceanography Activities & Project

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The 6th (and last) Unit of the Pre-K YOUR Way Level 3 Series.

The 5th Unit of the Pre-K YOUR Way Level 3 Series.

Perfect for children ages 3-6 years old, this play based unit encourages hands-on play activities to instill a love of learning. Items needed to complete the activities are materials typically found around the home or inexpensively purchased at a local convenience store. This two-part, 57 page, digital download includes:

    Part 1: 15 "Oceanography" Academic Activities" address math, science, literacy, art, health/safety, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, music and movement and literacy development. Activities include "Edible Aquarium", "Shell Homes", "5 Oceans", "Sounds of the Sea", "Ocean Patterns" and so much more!

    These 15 Activities are divided into 3 Academic areas:

    • 5 Math/Science
    • 5 Language/Literacy
    • 5 Gross Motor/Fine Motor

      Part 2: "Project: Living Underwater - Introduction to Photosynthesis" is a multiple-step activity, all-inclusive project that can span over multiple days. It walks your child through how to develop a hypothesis which is then tested and researched through discussions and activities.

      The objective of this Project is to: Discover what animals live in the ocean and how they breathe underwater. Included are activities that teach the different levels of the ocean, from the top section all the way down to the very bottom! 

      This section also includes:

      • Ocean themed Sensory Activities
      • Ocean themed Cooking Activities

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