About the Curriculum

JDEducational Activity Series: Helping Families Play, Learn and Grow Together!


Our school readiness series consists of over 450 parent-friendly, home-based learning activities that teach the current academic and social skill standards. Each activity includes simple step-by-step instructions, specific learning objectives and a materials list calling for items typically found around a home.

Use our instructional booklets to help your child develop a love of learning while spending quality family time. Your child will learn National Preschool and Kindergarten readiness skills in a fun and engaging way that meets your child's unique learning style. Perfect for families and Early Childhood Educators. (For Children Ages 2 years old and up.)

Do you work at a Preschool or Daycare? Visit our Early Childhood Educators page to learn more about how you can incorporate our activities into your classroom.

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Our Activities Include:

Simple Instructions

Clear step-by step instructions so any adult who spends time with young children (including parents,  daycares, preschools, babysitters and grandparents), will feel confident completing these activities. Choose between Instant PDF download booklets or printed copies.


Complete the Activities using Items You Already Have at Home

Each activity has a materials list calling for items typically found around a home (such as blankets, pillows, empty boxes, crayons, tape, sidewalk chalk, cereal, paper cups, ice cubes, and more).


Time-sensitive: Perfect for Busy Families

We all know that life gets busy and our time is valuable. Complete our educational activities which incorporates everyday activities (going shopping, mealtime, cleaning and more). Activities last between 10 and 15 minutes.


Meets National Academic and Social Skill Standards

Your child will learn math, science, language, literacy, social, emotional and motor skills that meet current Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness Standards.

  1. Cognitive Development - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills.
  2. Math and Science - addition, Subtraction, Patterns, Measuring and More!
  3. Physical Development - Large and Small Muscle Development (Jumping, Hopping, Using Scissors, Writing, etc)
  4. Language Development - Vocabulary Development and Following Multiple-Step Directions
  5. Literacy Skills - Letter and Word Knowledge and Beginning Reading
  6. Social and Emotional Development - Engaging with adults and peers in an age-appropriate way
  7. Self-Help Skills - Learning skills to become independent.

The JDE Curriculum Series is designed to teach all children learning objectives that meet current Kindergarten Readiness Standards. These Standards include:


Created for Your Child's Individual Learning Style

Our activities incorporate Howard Gardner (a Harvard University Professor)'s educational theory of "multiple intelligences",  which explain eight different ways that children learn. Gardner believed that traditional education was not utilizing the strengths of all children because every child is unique and learns differently. Our activities incorporate this philosophy by using movement games, art, music, reading, drawing and MORE, to teach academic and social skills.

These eight intelligences include:

  1. Linguistic - "Word Smart"
  2. Logical-Mathematical - "Numbers/Reasoning Smart"
  3. Spatial - "Picture Smart"
  4. Bodily - Kinesthetic - "Movement Smart"
  5. Musical - "Rhythms and Songs Smart"
  6. Interpersonal - "People Smart"
  7. Intrapersonal - "Self Smart"
  8. Naturalist  - "Outdoor/Nature Smart"

See SAMPLE PAGE for videos of JDEducational children completing activities.


Tailored to Your Child's Skill Level - Choosing the right Level

All children are unique and learn at their own pace. The JDEducational Curriculum Series focuses on academic and social skill level not a child's age. See our Learning Objectives to find out which level is right for your child

This Curriculum Series contains three separate levels based on a child's skill level, not age. Each level builds on the preceding one.

Level 1: Social Emotional Skill Curriculum

**Note: This level is appropriate for children of all ages, regardless of academic level.

* Themed "Everyday" Academic Activities that meet Level 1 Learning Objectives.

Skills are taught through daily activities such as going to the park, riding in the car, going on a walk, cleaning the house and MORE!

* Behavior Support Tips  & Worksheets - Parenting Tip sections that provide ideas and strategies for parents which support age-appropriate social and emotional milestones.

These tips include helping their child Understand Diversity,  Understand Safety Routines, Take Turns with Loved Ones, Take Care of their Belongings, Help Parents Survive Restaurant Meals with Young Children and MORE!

Level 2: Intermediate Academic Curriculum (Alphabet and More)

* Themed Academic Activities which use items found around the home to teach math, science, language, literacy, pre-writing skills to meet Level 2 Learning Objectives!

Themes include: My Community, Roadways and Signs, Advanced Opposites, Space Exploration and MORE!

* Alphabet Activities teach letter identification and writing skills through art, sensory activities, reading, movement activities (dancing, jumping, running) and language arts.

Five (5) Activities for each letter plus alphabet review games.

Level 3: Advanced Academic Curriculum

* Themed Academic Activities which use items found around the home to teach math, science, language, literacy, pre-writing skills to meet Level 3 Learning Objectives!

Themes include: Camping, Transportation, Planet Earth, Construction, Oceanography and MORE!

* All Inclusive Academic Projects include all academic and social learning objectives. Each project guides the child to develop a hypothesis, research answers and form a conclusion.

Projects include: Transportation: Understanding Package Delivery Systems, Project Weather: Discovering the Elements, Project Earth: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Project Construction: Building Components and Design and MORE!



The JDE Sample Starting Point booklet contains samples of the JDEducational Curriculum Series, Levels 1 through 3. The purpose is to assist parents and/or childcare providers with a resource to guide them to the proper starting point in the series. Children develop, both socially and academically, at their own pace. The JDE Curriculum was created as a skill-level curriculum, not age-range.