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Soothing Sammy Behavior Support Book

Soothing Sammy Behavior Support Book

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Soothing Sammy Behavior Support Guide (Book) - There are so many different feelings and it is hard for children to put those feelings into words. This 200 page book includes a variety of play-based activities that make daily routines fun and engaging. Each of the 6 sections includes tips for parents and teachers on how to support positive behaviors throughout the day. Topics include:

  • Emotions, Feelings & Sharing
  • Learning While Helping & Respecting my Things
  • Going on a Walk & Understanding Safety Rules
  • Shopping Games & Preparing for Successful Outings
  • Car Ride Games & Preparing for Travel with Children & Transitions
  • Mealtime Learning Games & Surviving Restaurant Meals with Kids.

* All activities utilize items/materials typically found in the home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities).