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Book Blog Series

Read ... Read... Read to YOUR child!

Do you hear this from every person you talk to? Reading is so important for children at any age. Why? It supports language development, literacy skills, conversational skills, problem solving and creative thinking... WOW!

Have you noticed there are HUNDREDS... if not THOUSANDS of childrens books floating around? Some are pictures books, some teach academic skills, some are silly stories and some.. some are AMAZING! I'm talking about those books that have a purpose.. that have meaning behind them.. ones that teach morals and values and that YOU remember!

Welcome to the JDEducational Book Blog Series! Each of these books were created by authors who have a purpose.. who have an important message they want to teach children. These Early Childhood books are geared towards kids 2 through 10 years of age.

Click on the photos below to find out more information detailing the story, about the author, the authors story and inspiration for writing it... and where you can purchase your own copy!

A story set teaching children how to calm down when they get upset.




A story about how two animals who learned that they can be friends even though they are so different!



A story about a child who has epilepsy and has a seizure at school. The children learn how to help their friend and to not be scared.



 There's a Chicken in My Kitchen! by Susan Kinsey

A story about a child who wakes up to find a friendly chicken in their home making breakfast! Learn some fun facts about Chickens!



 Sammy Goes to Speech by Marissa Siegel

A story about a child who finds his voice while visiting a Speech Therapist.  Learn some ways to help your child develop their communication skills!



Silly Daddy Goes Goes to the Supermarket by Julia Frankel

Follow this family on a silly shopping adventure! When mom is busy and dad is sent to the Supermarket with the kids to purchase items on the grocery list, you never know what you are going to get!



Andy's Dandy Day by David Medhurst

Follow this sweet rabbit as he experiences an adventure! Read "Andy's Dandy Day" with your child to teach them to always be kind. You never know how a smile or a simple "hi" will impact someone else's life. Friendliness, Kindness and Inclusiveness are themes embedded throughout this story.



 Spot: A Sea Pup's Survival Guide by Laura Knight

Follow Spot, the Sea Pup, as he explores the ocean. Along with fabulous sea life illustrations, wonderful ocean photographs compliment the story, making the importance of taking care of our Oceans a reality. Follow Spot as he runs into trouble and is saved by some very special friends.

Gracie embodies the true meaning of forgiveness, loyalty and trust. Everyone is unique, and has their own strengths which should be celebrated. The story of Gracie teaches young children these concepts, in hopes that our next generation will be truly inclusive, accepting everyone as they are.
This fabulous book not only highlights the importance of families eating together, but also emphasizes the importance of inviting everyone (regardless of race, ideals or skill level) to the table. Our differences should be celebrated and what better place to come together then over an amazing meal?


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