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Share the "calmness" of dogs with all children!

Does your dog help calm you down? 

Relieve anxiety? 

Help you breathe so you can move on with your day?

Our dogs are our best friends. 

We know how much they help us!

That is why I decided that a Golden Retriever was going to be the main character of  my first children's book, "Soothing Sammy."

Soothing Sammy teaches young children how to take a break and calm down instead of have a meltdown!

The colorful photos and simple story is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children. Sammy, a golden retriever, shows his friends, how to calm down with sensory items he has in his home (such as  using a washcloth to dampen their face, eating a crunchy snack and listening to a calming song, etc.) 

Using the Sammy box or an empty container, follow the directions in the back of the book to construct a "Sammy house" for this plush dog. Fill it with household items discussed in the children's book. When your child feels upset, redirect them to the Sammy to calm down (just like the kids in the book).

Do you know a little person in your life who would love a Soothing Sammy Set?

Soothing Sammy Emotions Program