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Do I need to participate in these activities or can my children do them by themselves?

Adult participation is a main component of these activities. Children learn so much through interactions with adults and their peers/siblings.

The role of the adult in this curriculum series is to encourage the development of their child's social skills and academic comprehension by following the activity instructions. Each activity clearly describes the role of both the adult and the child.

Check out what one of our current parents have said about how their relationship has been effected by learning together!

"My son and I look forward to completing the activities together. Each one we've done has been high interest for him and quick enough to hold his attention. They give us great starting points for conversations throughout the day and I can see his vocabulary developing. I've also appreciated how well written the curriculum is. The materials and directions are clearly laid out in logical steps that are easy to follow with little prep."                                                                                      
- Erin (Mother of a 4 year old) - Completed Level 3 Curriculum
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