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Help Your Child Advance their Language Skills through Play!

(For Children ages birth through age 7)

FREE 5- Day Email Series created by Jeana Kinne, M.A., Early Childhood Developmental Specialist and Leia Knight, M.Ed., Deaf Education with an Emphasis in Listening and Spoken Language.

Wondering how to help your child develop their language skills in a natural way? You’re in the right place! This email course is for parents, preschool teachers and early childhood professionals!

Your child's language and play development happens in specific, sequential stages and there are things that YOU can do in each stage to help them develop more advanced skills.

Keep in mind that there's more to play than JUST PLAY, your child is also developing language and social-emotional skills which are critical components of development.

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    About the Authors:

    Jeana Kinne Jeana Kinne is an Early Childhood Developmental Specialist with a Masters in Education with an Emphasis in ECE & Child Psychology. She currently works with infants and toddlers with special needs  and blogs about tips and tricks regarding child development and answers to commonly asked parenting questions. Visit her blog HERE. Jeana created simple and engaging learning activities you can do at home with your children, using items you already have at home. View the activities HERE!


    Leia Knight  Leia Knight is Deaf Educator specialized in Listening and Spoken Language. She has a Masters Degree in Deaf Education with an Emphasis in Listening and Spoken Language. She developed Language for the Playground to answer the WHY and HOW questions. Why children need social and language skills, why certain skills are important, how to teach these skills, and how these skills affect a child’s functioning in the real-world. Leia discusses strategies, tips and research to answer all your language, listening and social skills questions at