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What Should You Know About Childhood Tantrums That You Don't?

According to Doctor Robert Plutchik, there are over 90 different emotions.

Which of these is your toddler trying to process right now?

When they don't know how to process emotions, they throw a tantrum.

Using the Soothing Sammy Program may make tantrums a thing of the past.

Hello, I am Jeana Kinne. I’m a preschool teacher turned young child behavior and learning expert.

Tantrums are embarrassing and frustrating to parents.

To the child, they’re terrifying.

They’re caused by a developing brain attempting to deal with emotions because we’re not born with the skills to process our emotions properly.

You could spend hundreds on parenting books and courses.  

They're expensive and cost hundreds of hours of reading (hours busy teachers and parents simply don't have.) And worse yet, they don't teach your child what to do. 

OR in 1 month, tantrums could be a thing of the past as long as you follow the program. 

Imagine going out to a fancy dinner with your in-laws and your mother-in-law is wearing a white cocktail dress that costs more than your monthly mortgage payment. 

Your child wants chicken nuggets, but the restaurant only has spaghetti with marinara sauce on the kids menu.

Your little angel responds by screaming, running around the table and finally, dumping their full bowl of blood-red marina sauce all over your mother-in-law's new white dress. 

The 4-Step Soothing Sammy Program enables you to prevent this from happening for less then the cost of a meal at a casual restaurant.

With "Soothing Sammy" your child can:

* Calm down (instead of scream). 

* Communicate their feelings (instead of give dirty looks). 

* Solve the problem (instead of stomp away).

4 Steps to Preventing Tantrums:

1. Read Children's Book

In the story, children visit Sammy, a golden retriever who shows them how to calm down using typical household items (such as a ball to squeeze or a washcloth to dampen.) 

2. Build Sammy's House

Use an empty container to construct a "Sammy house" for Sammy, the plush dog. Fill it with items discussed in the children's book that you can find around your home.

3. Create Sammy's Corner

Use the PDF printouts to  create a "Sammy Time" corner for your new Sammy house. Redirect your child to visit Sammy and his home when they need to calm down.

4. Play Feelings Activities

These playful activities teach feelings words and gives tips on what to do when children become upset. Also included are games to play during outings to prevent boredom.

With Soothing Sammy, it is possible!

"Before we got Sammy, my daughter became very emotional when she was upset. Then the magic happened... I purchased Soothing Sammy and just by saying "Sammy Time," she calmed down by herself, without me intervening. (As a mom of three this is huge!) It's so wonderful to have more positive interactions with my daughter again!" - Jennifer

You Now Have A Choice 

You can continue to live on the edge, waiting for your child to have their next tantrum 

OR you can put of saving money for your child's college education because you're investing thousands in every single parenting program you can find.

OR you can buy the "Soothing Sammy Program" right now for less than the cost of a new outfit, a program that will make your child happy.

You WILL have less stress.

And as a BONUS, they will learn essential social skills for success in school.


"I've never seen my son calm down so fast. It was a major improvement for us. Thank you!!!

- Amy

Why Does Soothing Sammy Work?

Hi, my name is Jeana Kinne, the author of Soothing Sammy. I received my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and have worked with toddlers, preschoolers and their families for over 18 years! 

As a Preschool Teacher, I know how frustrating it is when your little one boards the train to meltdown city. 

I created Soothing Sammy so children could learn how to manage their feelings in a positive way, in the way they learn the best! Children learn best when they can see, hear and touch something!  

Sammy's multi-sensory approach to learning makes it easy for toddlers and preschoolers to remember calm down skills!

When children see and hear the Sammy story, they will remember what calm down items are used for.  When they put their own items in the house, they feel like they are in control of their own calm down techniques. 

For the past 3 years, Soothing Sammy has been used at home and in schools to teach children how to calm down in a positive way by teaching children how to take a break, calm down, communicate their feelings and problem solve. 

When children see and hear the Sammy story, they will remember what calm down items are used for.  When they put their own items in the house, they feel like they are in control of their own calm down techniques. 


"Soothing Sammy is such a great idea! I've only had it about a week, but my 3 year old took to the method immediately. 

I also love the resources that complement it. It helps her understand emotions and how to properly express them. 

"Soothing Sammy" is great for EVERY family!" 

- Michelle (mother of 3 year old)

What's Included:

1. Children's Book - The colorful photos and simple story is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children.  

 2. Soothing Sammy Plush Dog (Golden Retriever) -  Meets and exceeds all US safety Standards for children ages 2 years old and up.It's machine washable and measures 11.5" x 3.5" x 10" 

 3. Sammy Music (MP3 Version): Enjoy 3 Sammy Songs that teach your children that Sammy is their friend!

4.Emotions & Feelings Activity Book - Teaches children how to identify feelings in themselves and others through play. It also includes learning games and activities that support positive experiences during everyday routines (shopping, cleaning, eating, etc.)

 5. Soothing Sammy Curriculum E-Book (Digital PDF) -  Introduce Sammy to children in a way they will remember what it is for. Includes Sammy corner print-outs, coloring pages and sensory activities.


"Parenting is hard work! Children do not come with instructions, so knowing how to handle their emotional needs is so hard. Thanks to Soothing Sammy, I am better equipped to help my children through their melt-downs and tantrums. Since grabbing this set I have not only seen a difference in my children, but a difference in how I handle them in the hard moments. I definitely recommend this set to every parent." 

- Stephanie

Soothing Sammy Emotions Program

How Does Our Sensory System Calm Kids Down?

Imagine you're at the very end of your workday and you are late picking up your child from daycare. 

Your boss hands you a file that needs IMMEDIATE attention and he won't take no for an answer.

Your heart starts to race because if you don't pick up Charlotte from daycare in 10 minutes, you will get stuck with the $25 late charge and that dreaded phone call from her annoyed teacher.

You scramble to call your mother-in-law to see if she can pick her up.

You want to scream, but you don't. 

When your child has a meltdown, they are feeling the same way.

But .... you didn't yell and bite your boss.

Instead, you were able to come up with a solution. You found someone to pick up your child while sipping your green smoothie in hopes to calm your nerves.

So why is your child flailing on the floor?

Over your lifetime, you learned how to calm down!

You see.. 

Humans are not born with the skills to process our emotions properly. 

Did you know that over 90 different emotions have been identified?

A 3 year old has between 300-500 words. 

Should we expect our kids to identify and describe all of their feelings? 

Ninety emotion words is one quarter of their total vocabulary!

And here is the other issue: the part of our brain in charge of problem solving (the prefrontal cortex) isn't fully developed until we are 25 years old!

Children are still learning how to manage their emotions, problem solve and communicate their feelings.

Teaching them simple calm down and problem solving skills is a must. 

More importantly, we need to teach our young kids how to use these skills in a way they understand.

For only $49.99, your child can learn how to calm down without throwing a tantrum! 

Yes, you heard that right! 

For less then the cost of a casual meal out, Soothing Sammy will teach your child these important skills through hands-on, engaging activities.


"We put together Sammy’s House and I’m so excited to have tools on hand and a plan for my boys when their emotions are out of control.As a matter of fact, just tonight, my 2 year old was getting upset because he was having a hard time climbing onto a chair and felt "stuck." My 6 year old ran over to him with the family photo from Sammy's house and said: "Here brother! Do you want to look at this picture and calm down?"I can already tell this program is going to be a hit!" 

- Erin

Are you ready?

About the Author: 

I received my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and have spent over 16 years of experience working in a variety of positions within the Early Childhood field. 

I have worked as a Parent Educator, Preschool Director, and currently work with children with special needs. 

My goal is to provide families with solutions to common parenting concerns.

Sammy, a golden retriever, was inspired by my sweet golden retriever, Kona.