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What Should You Know About Tantrums Today That You Don't?

According to Doctor Robert Plutchick of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, there are over 34,000 different emotions. 

Which one of these is your toddler trying to process right now?


When they don't know how to process emotions, they throw a tantrum.


If you use the Soothing Sammy Program, tantrums may become a thing of the past.


Hello, I am Jeana Kinne. I am a preschool teacher turned young child behavior and learning expert.


Tantrums are embarrassing and frustrating to parents. To the child they're terrifying. 


They are caused by their developing brain attempting to deal with emotions.

In 1 month, tantrums could be a thing of the past, as long as you follow the program.


This product is such a great idea. I've only had it about a week but my daughter (3 year old) took to the method immediately. I also love the resources that compliment it. The additional book goes above and beyond in helping you understand emotions and how to properly express them. Great for EVERY family!

Michelle H.

How "Soothing Sammy" Works

1. Read "Soothing Sammy" book

Sammy, the golden retriever, teaches children how to calm down using a variety of sensory objects (such as water to drink, a cool cloth to touch, a place to jump.)

2. Build Sammy's Sensory House

Follow the instructions in the back of the book to create your own Sammy house for Sammy (the plush toy) to live in. Talk to your child about "Sammy Time."

3. Calm Down with "Sammy Time"

Redirect your child to use Sammy's house to calm down when they are feeling upset. Once calm, help them talk about the situation and problem solve. 

Compare the cost of our program to hiring a professional parenting coach.


They are expensive, costing you hundreds of dollars a month, and they are never there when you need them.


Such as that time you were preparing to leave the house for a day of errands. You had the whole day planned, including a nice stop for ice cream with your preschoolers.

Then, your child runs out of their room in their undies screaming. They wanted to wear the puppy shirt, but it was in the laundry. Your little angel responds by screaming, running around the house, demanding not to leave until that shirt was on them.


The Soothing Sammy System will enable you to prevent this from happening for less than the cost of a meal at a casual restaurant.

And you can have it in your hands within the week. 

We are BIG fans!

We are loving our Sammy. We build her home and stocked it with what our son needs for calming. As an Occupational Therapist, I understand the ways Sammy's house provides sensory input when a child is disorganized and it's nothing short of brilliant. We love our Sammy. I'm buying one for my nephew, and I've mentioned them to a couple parents of clients I see. Thank you for your wonderful product. 


BONUS: If you order today:

You will also get a copy of our Sammy the Golden Dog Alphabet Activity Sheets.

This PDF of over 130 pages enables you to set your child up for success without spending thousands of dollars on preschool. 

No special training or special equipment is needed. Just print out the alphabet games, and watch your child smile while learning!

You now have a choice.


You can continue to live on edge about when your child will have their next tantrum. Living with the discouraging looks from your mother-in-law.


Or putting off saving money for your child's college education because you're investing thousands in a parenting coach (who your mother-in-law also complains about because she didn't need a parenting coach in her day).


Or you can buy right now, for less than the cost of a new outfit, a program that will make your child happy. You have less stress.


And as a bonus, set them up for higher achievement in school.