Kids Can Manage Their Emotions! 

Everyday, a person can experience over 90 different emotions.

When young children experience sadness, anger or frustration, they can't think clearly.They don't know what to say.They don't know how to react.They don't know how to ask for help. 

Sometimes they react to their feelings in a way that could harm themselves or others. 

Sometimes they react by screaming or falling on the floor. 

Sometimes they react by running to a caregiver for a hug. 

Children have the right to feel.It is our job to teach them productive ways to respond to their feelings. 

The Soothing Sammy Program teaches children how to process their feelings in a way that is easy for them to understand and remember.

"Soothing Sammy" has been used at home and in Preschool Classrooms. For details on the Program that best fits your needs, please choose from the following two options: