Kids Can Manage Their Emotions! 

Children are amazing!

They are able to put worries aside and live in the the moment.

When they are happy, they are thrilled!

When they are excited, they are eager.

When the are sad, they are distraught.

And when they are angry, they are furious.

There are over 90 emotions that children experience.

As children grow, they learn new skills. 

They socialize in different ways. 

They manage their feelings differently. 

Everyday, a person can experience over 90 different emotions. 

When young children experience sadness, anger or frustration, they can't think clearly.

They don't know what to say.

They don't know how to react.

They don't know how to ask for help.

Sometimes they react to their feelings in a way that could harm themselves or others. 

Sometimes they react by screaming or falling on the floor. 

Sometimes they react by running to a caregiver for a hug.

Children have the right to feel.

It is our job to teach them productive ways to respond to their feelings. 

Hi! My name is Jeana Kinne. I have spent over 15 years working with children and families in Early Childhood Settings. I know how overwhelming it can be when children experience emotions. Sometimes, everything we do to try to calm them down or "reason" with them, doesn't work. That's when I came up with Soothing Sammy!

I created the Soothing Sammy Program to teach children (ages 2 through 7) how to respond to their feelings in a way they understand. 

I created Soothing Sammy for adults to feel supported and  prepared for handling children's unpredictable responses to feelings. 

I created Soothing Sammy for you! Parents and Teachers have been using the Soothing Sammy Program for over a year with incredible success.

We have two different Soothing Sammy Programs: