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"What makes JDEducational different than other learning programs? - draft email

I am so happy that YOU are HERE! Are you ready to have some fun with your kids? You are such an important person in your child's life! You not only are the parent, guardian and provider of life... YOU are also your child's FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT Teacher!
Your child looks up to you, listens to you and asks you lots and lots of questions (maybe too many sometimes..)! But what is all this talk about TEACHING them skills they need to learn before Preschool... to prepare them for Kindergarten? How exhausting and OVERWHELMING to think about it all.
Hence.. you are here... searching for answers! And I want to help you find them! I am often asked the question: "What are the JDEducational Activities and why are they different then all those other printable books I can buy? What makes JDEducational Activities so special?"
Well, the answer is quite simple... These activities empower YOU to teach YOUR child ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, preparing them for success in Preschool, Kindergarten and beyond! These activities were made to fit into busy family lives!
Each activity defines exactly what your child will learn, lists simple materials needed AND require minimal prep - when you are ready to do an activity, prepare for it in three minutes or less! I don't want families spending a ton of time and money on materials for activities with their kids. Kids can learn with everything! These activities utilize items most have already laying around the home - paper, sidewalk chalk, measuring tape, tape, markers, buckets, empty cardboard boxes... etc. These activities were made to be completed on a budget -- no need to cut out pre-made shapes from construction paper (who wants to spend time doing that anyway??) or buy specific brands of materials.
Not home? Don't worry... Level 1 helps you learn ON THE GO! These lessons include themed learning activities that can be completed while at grocery store, the park, riding in the car, while they on walks, waiting for meals at restaurants, etc.
And lastly - but maybe the most important - these activities are for ALL children with ALL interests and EVERY learning style! Do you have a child who doesn't like to sit down for 10 minutes to complete activities? We have activities just for them! Teach math and literacy skills through movement (jumping or running games) activities. Maybe you have a child that loves art projects, or creative writing, or music. Fantastic! Use our creative writing, drawing and sensory based activities for your child! Each activity set includes learning activities that meet ALL of these interests and MORE!
Our lives ARE busy! Use these activities to carve out 10 to 15 minutes to spend one-on-one time with your kids and creating special memories and strengthening your relationships. Through completing simple, academic and engaging activities, ALL families will feel supported in preparing their child for success, while learning and playing together.
I very much enjoy speaking with each one of you. Thank you for contacting me with questions and sharing with me how much you have enjoyed spending time with your little ones.
Click HERE to learn more about me and the story behind why I created these activities!
Have fun playing, learning and growing together!
Happy Playing!