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12 Days of Christmas Activities

12 Days of Christmas Activities

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Teach your child a variety of academic and social skills while happily playing and learning about all things Christmas!

12 Days Of Christmas is just that... an activity to do every day during the 12 Days leading up until Christmas. Activities include:

  1. Holiday Calendar
  2. Ornament Hunt
  3. Bow-Mania
  4. Spice Jar Christmas Push
  5. Gingerbread Man Feet
  6. Santa’s Jolly Dance
  7. Frosty’s Carrot Nose
  8. I Spy a Christmas Wish
  9. Ribbon Walk
  10. Christmas Past
  11. Santa’s Paper House
  12. Reindeer Bells

Based off Preschool Learning Standards, these activities teach math, science, language, literacy, cognitive, problem solving, and social-emotional development.