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17 Top Indoor Family Activities


Looking for some fun Indoor Activities to with your family during these winter months? Tired of spending all this time indoors - but don't want to get soaked by the drizzling rain? After talking to you, I created a list of all the indoor activities that you do! What is your favorite one?



Top Family Indoor Activities

  • Children’s Museums
  • Gymnastics Classes
  • Mommy and Me Music Classes
  • Open Play Indoor Gym Centers
  • Second Hand Thrift Stores
  • The Pet Store
  • SPCA or Local Animal Shelter
  • Library Story Times
  • Railroad or Airplane Museums
  • Bowling
  • Local Clay Making Shops
  • Build A Bear Workshop
  • Take a Tour of a Local Ice Cream or Candy Shop
  • Biking Tour of a Large Park of Downtown Area
  • Local Bakery
  • Local Aquarium
  • Local Community Center Classes


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