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Level 1: Unit 1:  All About Me Activities

Level 1: Unit 1: All About Me Activities

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The 1st Unit of the Pre-K YOUR Way Level 1 Series.

Perfect for children ages 2 though 6, these 15 minute activities teach math, science, language and motor, social and self help skills! The step-by-step activities guide you through movement, music, art, cooking and more playful games, teaching your child everything they need to be successful in Preschool and Kindergarten (in Public, Private or Homeschool). This two-part, 42 page, digital download includes:

Part 1: 10  "All About Me Themed" Academic Activities: All activities utilize items/materials typically found in the home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities).

  • The "All About Me" Theme includes activities which relate to discovering what makes your child unique. Examples include: All Activities are related to the theme "All About Me" such as: "Hello Me", "Eyeball Color Match" and "Pattern See".

Part 2: Parenting Guide :"Understanding Diversity" is a complicated subject, especially when working with young children. Young children tend not to notice differences in race or ethnicity. Instead, at this young age, children notice differences in behaviors, play skills and self-help skills of other children. This section was developed to present possible scenarios that parents may find themselves in, and how they can support children learning to understand differences. Young children think in very tangible ways, noticing appearances and behaviors - such as those in wheelchairs, others that have glasses and ones that scream or cry for unknown reasons.

All activities teach to these Level 1 Learning Objectives 

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