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5 Free Self-Care Strategies for Busy Moms (Guest Post)

Created by Jennifer Pesetsky, Life Coach at Coaching4Moms


Our lives are so full and sometimes stressful.  Tension in your extended family, kids fighting, stress at your job, and keeping track of all life's logistics. Taking time for yourself is healthy for you and role models amazing behavior for your kids.   

Do you think you don't have time or money for self-care? Try these five free self-care strategies that you can do at home. These strategies are so subtle that no one even has to know that you are focusing on your own self-care.


  1. Count to 10 - This probably isn't a new one to you, but it is so good that it deserves top billing here. You can be alone when you count to 10 or you can be with other people. They don't have to know that in your head, you are slowly counting to 10 and taking a bit of time for yourself.
  1. Journal - Don't feel pressured to catch your journal up on everything going on in your life. Just take a few minutes and jot down some top of the mind thoughts. What is causing you stress right now? What are your ideas about how to move through some of that stress? Another tip - keep a journal and pen near your bedside.
  1. Steam your face - Years ago, I went to a fancy spa with a facial steam machine. The steam felt so relaxing. Years later, when I was boiling water for pasta, I accidentally stuck my face over the pot and felt the same relaxation! Next time you are cooking something that gives off steam, give this strategy a try (and let off a bit of your own steam!)
  1. Do 20 jumping jacks - Jumping jacks are a great self-care strategy. They tap into a childlike playfulness while getting your heart pumping.
  1. Rub some moisturizer on your hands - Choose any moisturizer you have around the house. Massage it into your hands and feel the relaxation.

Which self-care strategy can you try today? I'm off to find some moisturizer.

Jennifer Pesetsky is a life coach at Coaching4Moms. Want one more self-care strategy? Sign up here for Jennifer's free three day guided meditation mini class. Each day, you'll receive a 5 minute audio recording helping you relax and unwind. You are worth it!


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