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There's a Chicken in My Kitchen!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you woke up to a Chicken in your Kitchen? Not many of us have... but Susan Kinsey has a fabulous imagination! Her story is filled with hilarious rhymes and impeccable descriptions that will keep every child's attention.

Early one morning, a little boy wakes up to the smell of delicious food cooking nearby. As he follows his nose to the goodies...expecting to see his mom ... he realizes that a chicken is cooking! The story follows him as he eats food and gets ready for school.

Would you love to wake up to breakfast made for you?

The author, Susan Kinsey, created this fantastic book based on her beloved Chihuahua, Lily. Check out her story below:

"I had a small tan Chihuahua named Lily, who had a plump little belly and legs. I used to say to her “I’m gonna bake you and eat you like a chicken.” Somehow from that, I had nicknamed her my little chicken.

One day she was sitting on the kitchen floor looking at me, and I got on my knees and said “There’s a chicken in my kitchen!” When I heard myself say it, I thought, “That’s my next children’s book title!"

So I started to play with a funny story, and that’s how this book came to be. Lily has since gone to the moon, so I dedicated the story to her and her memory. I miss you Lily!"










You can find more of Susan's work  on her Facebook

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