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Andy's Dandy Day - A story about kindness

Andy is a sweet rabbit who wakes up one morning with nothing to do! As Andy prepares for his day, he decides to follow the path near his home to find something to do.

He not only has a wonderful adventure, his forest friends include him in their activities, creating the best day Andy has ever had! He learns about the secrets of the forest, helps animal friends with their chores...

... tries new foods and builds new friendships! The forest animals were pleased to meet Andy, taking a few moments in their busy day to talk. Andy learns about their day and his new friends are very thankful for his help completing different tasks.

Read "Andy's Dandy Day" with your child to teach them to always be kind. You never know how a smile or a simple "hi" will impact someone else's life. Friendliness, Kindness and Inclusiveness are themes embedded throughout this story.

If you are in the mood for adventure, kindness and exquisite illustrations, check out "Andy's Dandy Day", written and illustrated by David Medhurst. He explains the meaning of his story below:

"Every day is a dandy day if you want it to be!" This was not where the story "Andy's Dandy Day" started, but it is a lesson learned by the end of it, and something everyone should keep in mind. Of course there are exceptions, and there are different ways to look at those days as well, but for the most part, there is happiness to be found everywhere, and interest and enjoyment, usually right in the same place if you take a look. "Andy's Dandy Day" has plenty of all three of those things. This book was written to share those feelings and I think it really works quite well. "Andy's Dandy Day" is a story that leaves you feeling happy. " 

About the Author:

David Medhurst is a Writer, Illustrator, Animator and Instructor who has been involved in many creative endeavors throughout his professional career. One of five children, David comes from a very creative background with both of his parents being musicians, as well as one elder brother being an Examiner with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and another a published poet and brilliant photographer.  

His first book, "Andy's Dandy Day", actually started many years ago with David's Maternal Grandfather, Mr. Robert Isaac Cook, who incidentally, was the inspiration for one of the book's characters, Mr. Moose.  His "Grandpa" was his primary caregiver throughout his early years, and it was through his Grandfather, as well as his parents, and the world around him, that he was introduced and entertained with so many wonderful tales.

That is where it all started, and he has been writing stories ever since. Also citing A.A. Milne and J.M. Barry as influences, it is not surprising that David manages to tap into his inner child to write and illustrate beautiful stories that appeal to everyone of any age. 

Residing in Ontario Canada, David and his wife of many years Rosa are parents to one son who expresses his own creative talents through music. It is only recently that David has started to share his stories through both his words and illustrations, and he has many stories waiting to be told!

To learn more about David visit him at:




Everyone's life is unique. Sometimes others experience hardships which makes traveling or going on an adventure difficult. Andy's Dandy Day encourages everyone to help others make everyday their best day. Make a Wish Foundation helps families provide once in a lifetime adventures/experiences for people who are going through a rough time. Find out more about the Make A Wish Foundation

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