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Counting 4's - 4th of July Activity


This week, we are going to celebrate America's birthday by sharing a fun and educational 4th of July Learning Activity!

Who knows what the colors of the flag mean? The 4th of July means something different to everyone and everyone celebrates it differently. There are BBQ's with family and friends, American flags, 4th of July Sales and who could forget the Fireworks!


When children look forward to a holiday, they may ask ( over and over an over again): "How many days until_______" or "When are we going to ________?"

Why do they keep asking the same questions every five minutes? Or every day when they wake up?

Time is an abstract concept to young children. They don't know how to tell time on a clock, instead, they tell time by their daily schedule.

For instance: "school is over today after my nap time" or "tomorrow happens after I go to sleep tonight."

Using a calendar will help children understand the concept of time, and not become frustrated by the words "wait" or "not yet."

Why? Because calendars translate time into something that is concrete. It is visual and tangible. Calendars help children "look at" time.

There are some great ways to teach children how to use a calendar. One simple way is to count down to an upcoming event. Here is a FREE printable, helping your child count down to July 4th! Step-by-step directions are included!

Download our Free 4th of July Counting Printable Activity Here:

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